Playing With Your Food: Black Forest

This is the second of three Playing With Your Food segments in our Unearthed series. Take a look at the first one here.

The last two of the three-part segment will examine two up-and-coming pastry chefs' versions of two, very classic desserts with earth names. Michelle Fattore, a Northwest Culinary-trained pastry chef, rock climber, photographer, and avid traveller, shares with us her visual take on Black Forest Cake. These are the resulting photographs - messy, utterly unrecognizable, playful, and somewhat surreal.

We are experiencing somewhat of an Indian summer this September. While the rain has definitely been around and that autumn chill has already made an appearance, it sometimes feels like summer is not over yet with some of the unseasonably warm temperatures we have been having  throughout September. There is a lightness in these photographs in as much as there is a heaviness: a forest both decaying and regenerating - a perfect combination of visuals in our somewhat varied September.

Michelle fashioned a black forest gateau roll for a decaying tree trunk, made some candied almonds enrobed in dark chocolate to act as pebbles and rocks on a forest floor, and shaved some chocolate curls for texture.

Photographs: Issha Marie
Styling: Michelle Fattore & Issha Marie